Free, Easy-to-use Flow Cytometry Analysis Tool

Early Access Login Documentation (v1.0.0)

Freecyto Capabilities

Easy to use

Simply upload your flow cytometry experiment files to access instant analysis – a very simple workflow.


No need for any coding or platform dependency – all basic flow cytometry operations are available directly on the web.

Free to use

Completely free to use – built by researchers to help researchers quickly visualize and understand their flow cytometry experiment.

Detailed Analysis

Offers robust analysis options, including utilizing machine learning algorithms to classify cell populations currently in beta.

Freecyto Features

An overview of the flow cytometry visualization and analysis package offered, complete with screenshots.

Interactive Data Visualization

Within Advanced Analysis, the user has access to a dashboard featuring multiple channel correlations and gating options, all within the browser.

Quick Basic Visualizations

Simply upload the flow cytometry experiment data, and instantly the user will be able to access boxplots, histograms, scatterplots, and more.

Population Gating

Within Advanced Analysis, the user is able to select (through lasso) specific subpopulations of cells to investigate further as many times as needed.